Design Consultations for exterior renovations

Serving Colorado's West Metro area up to Boulder and Vail Valley

Struggling with exterior renovation options?

It's easy to dream up exterior renovations that would vastly improve the curb appeal and functionality of your home. But...what would those changes actually look like?

A design consultation lets you visualize it!

Our expert design consultations give you a 3D view of the changes so you can compare your options. This process is helpful for exterior remodeling projects like:

  • Choosing paint colors
  • Selecting new siding materials and options
  • Window and door updates and trim colors
  • Additions
  • Decks

We'll help you understand all aspects of your project, including best materials, color choices, design options and more!

Design Consultation

What You'll Get with Your Design Consultation

  • On-site walk through and initial render of your project

  • Deep dive consultation with our Design Specialist, skilled in helping you make the right choices for your home

  • A detailed 3D rendering of all selected options
  • Strong understanding of the construction process from start to finish, best practices, product recommendations and detailed understanding of project scope
On-Site walk through

We'll start with an on-site visit and discussion of your project. During this first meeting, we'll map out the scope of the project and clarify your goals. We'll then generate an initial render of the project and provide it before the design consultation.

3D Rendering

During the design consultation, we'll use our interactive scanning software to create a 3D render of the new exterior. This in-depth meeting allows you to visualize all aspects of your project and make adjustments to the design, colors and materials.

Refined proposal + Estimate

Once we have your final 3D render prepared, we'll meet with you to go through the final details of your project, including product recommendations and options, budget and a timeline. And we'll always be available for follow-up meetings as needed!

Design Consulting 3D Render
Initial Render after First Appointment
Design Consulting 3D Render

Final 3D Render after Design Consulting Appointment